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Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is something i want to try lol (if such a thing exists)

but anyways in my boredom i thought i'd post an old drawing here

this is kinda old so yeah not my best
Deidara from the Akatsukiwow REAL distorted and small here xD
Its Deidara! doin what he does best.....
naruto, yo mama

Many moons ago....

there was a girl with the online name of she had manythings to do and couldn't seem to find time to settle down infront of a computer, so her beloved LJ account and journal went untouched for many many long, cold days....Thi story sounds familiar....xD

well im back home now and im not at my room at Southeast Collegiate down south so yeah, loads of time on my hands now and the computer is situated right outside my room now so not like i got any viewers but hopefully this will change once i start sumbmitting fanart and fanfiction lol....aww but my scanner is back in my room way over there ;___;.

I love the game Naruto: Rise of a Ninja for my brothers X-Box 360....It is SOOOOO gonn hep me write this story ive been thinkingabout lately....mainly starring the Jonin of Konohagakure..
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Got Drunk...

Yes I got drunk last night...first time in like 3 weeks?ugh Vodka and red bull BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD combo for my stomach stillfeeling a bit hung over...>< WOOT for underage drinking! XD but anywaysjust sitting in the Collegiate'scomputer lab on my laptop been on a drawing frenzy lately and my scanner is working overtime because of it lol...maybe ill draw something for my community on here lol yeah well anyways wonder how long it will betillI update again eh?
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 ok well im back, like ive said MANY times before i will try and update this everyday....'cept on weekends where i have no access to a computer, (AND im usually out drinking with friends XD).  I want to keep my fanfic going, already working on CH. 2 AND i want to finish my Doujinshii.....yup...but first things first, gatta catch up on the ever growing pile of homework living in my room ....its starting to fight with the laundry pile O_O.....ok well for now that is post a little drawing here but i have no scanner -____-
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Writer's Block: My Personal Style

I dont think i can really be labeled (but then who can?) but what people mostly call me is emo, but i dont cut myself and im usually very happy, sure i got me problems but who doesnt? my other friend said im Emo/Punk/Girly/Skater-ish.....and i was like woah O_o
How would you describe your personal style?
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LINK! to raw scans!

hazah! (yes I said hazah wanna fightaboutit?) I found a site that has a bunch of raw scans to KAKAIRU! courtesy of my new budday! Aedo (think thats how u spell it ^^') im putting here for future reference!

-goes download happy-

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man today has NOT been going good....first I spill coffee all over some papers on my boss's desk, then  she leaves me to answer phone calls and I get her boss asking me for this guy I work with Steven and he doesnt pick up the calls so she gets mad at ME,now i got this wierd bi lady harrassing me on the net....><....this stress is sooo not worth $640 every two then agiain maybe it is seeing as I get to spend all day sitting on my ass drawing or going on the computer...Ill up pload the pictures I draw at work later...the scanner REALLY doesnt like me and its hard to upload some KakaIru fluff when your boss is breathing down yur neck lol
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